“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with a cup OKE COFFEE.” 


Oké Koffie is a traditional coffee roasting company that was started in 1991 by the Van Kerckhoven family with the acquisition of a roasting company in Geraardsbergen, which since 1873 has built a long tradition in refined craftsmanship and superior quality.


Today Oké Koffie continues this tradition with the latest techniques and respect for the past. With this unique combination Oké Coffee has gained a name and fame far beyond its borders. With its roast-fresh taste and balanced aroma, Oké coffee is the reference for coffee connoisseurs.


Oké Koffie also has a number of Fairtrade products in its range, as well as the SGS ISO 22000 certificate and UKAS label.



Quality beans from all over the world

Oké coffee monitors the quality of its entire product range, from the exclusive 125 gram packaging to the 1kg packaging for catering. After selecting the highest quality coffee beans, the Oké coffees are traditionally roasted in 12 minutes.

They are then immediately ground and packaged, so that the aroma and quality of the coffee are optimally preserved. This soft vacuum packing procedure is made possible by the aroma valve, which removes the overpressure gases while the coffee is already packed. This high-tech packaging therefore benefits the traditional quality of the coffee in all respects.



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